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Re: Tank repair

Hmmm... Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you mean by "frame."  The frame
I'm thinking of is the black or "oak" like panels that run along the side
of the tank.  They're typically located at the top and the bottom of the
tank, running the perimieter.  This is often reffered to as "trim."  If
we're agreeing here, I assure you teh tank will suffer no ill effects from
lack thereof.  I've managed to break off a number of the trim-frames
without any problems.  The glue along the seems should be enough to hold
the tank together, not a bit of trim.  If you look carefully at a new
tank, this is just glued on lightly.
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On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, Kudzu wrote:

> Well thanks guys for the suggestions. Let me address them one at a
> time.
> >>A frame is just that, a frame.  It adds nothing to the structure of
> the tank, but just looks pretty, and helps cover up the glue on the
> seams.<<
> Sorry but it adds much to strength of the tank, the frame is what
> holds the tank together! Without it once it is full of water the joint
> spreads apart and stretches the silicone sealing the glass till it
> breaks and a flood of water pours out.
> >>The best solution is to make a new frame, out of either plastic or
> wood. <<
> well agree with the make a new wood frame. I am trying to avoid that
> right now because I have all my tools in storage but that is looking
> like what I am going to have to do.
> As for a new plastic top if I knew what to glue a new one together
> with I could just use that glue on the one that is on there and
> replace it! So far epoxy has held the best, about 30 minutes then it
> gives way. This is not an old tank, I think it just had a bad joint or
> a hard lick one.
> What I really need to know is what they use to glue these frames
> together with.