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Re: Tank repair

Check and see if you have any plastic or plexi-glass companies in your
area.  They can probably tell you over the phone what you need.  And they
probably sell it.


On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, Kudzu wrote:

> Well thanks guys for the suggestions. Let me address them one at a
> time.
> >>A frame is just that, a frame.  It adds nothing to the structure of
> the tank, but just looks pretty, and helps cover up the glue on the
> seams.<<
> Sorry but it adds much to strength of the tank, the frame is what
> holds the tank together! Without it once it is full of water the joint
> spreads apart and stretches the silicone sealing the glass till it
> breaks and a flood of water pours out.
> >>The best solution is to make a new frame, out of either plastic or
> wood. <<
> well agree with the make a new wood frame. I am trying to avoid that
> right now because I have all my tools in storage but that is looking
> like what I am going to have to do.
> As for a new plastic top if I knew what to glue a new one together
> with I could just use that glue on the one that is on there and
> replace it! So far epoxy has held the best, about 30 minutes then it
> gives way. This is not an old tank, I think it just had a bad joint or
> a hard lick one.
> What I really need to know is what they use to glue these frames
> together with.