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Re: Large tank construction

jeff...concerning ac ducting...

<< Interesting thought you have. I am going to have a cabinet built and
 putting in a small duct into the cabinet would be simple. If this
 worked it would reverse their winter and summer. << ? >> When we are in the
 house the most (winter) Sunnie's might be trying to breed along with
 other fish. Interesting thought here! We keep a fire going in a wood
 stove most all winter so without heates this tank would stay warm in
 the winter. As large as it would be it would be very stable too. >>

i would think that in the summer you would want to cool the tank as much as
possible... thus the cold ac venting directly to the tank. put your hand in
front of a ac duct...brrrr. during the winter you would not want to heat the
tank allowing it to be cool as possible.
if you are like us, our home is warmer in the summer say 78 and in the winter
about 64.
i really think the cool ac ducting may bring the temp down several degrees...
hopefully! most of my natives would benefit if i could take about 10 degrees
off of my summer room temp.