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Re: Large tank construction

>> ive been thinkin on the ac ducting... this may be a real cooling
factor! winter you would then close off the "heating" duct.<<

Interesting thought you have. I am going to have a cabinet built and
putting in a small duct into the cabinet would be simple. If this
worked it would reverse their winter and summer. When we are in the
house the most (winter) Sunnie's might be trying to breed along with
other fish. Interesting thought here! We keep a fire going in a wood
stove most all winter so without heates this tank would stay warm in
the winter. As large as it would be it would be very stable too.

>>a floor drain IS a necessity.<<

Yes the more I thought about this the more I know this is a must do! I
think I may put a floor in the cabinet and give it a coat of epoxy
resin and cloth. The install a shower drain. Very easy to then add an
overflow to the Wet/dry filter. Just in case!

>>make sure your tank has a low end for easy flushing/major

That had not crossed my mind but is sure a good idea! Just need to put
a slope in the floor of the tank so there is a bit of fall to one end.
I guess you could go so far as to add a bulkhead with a cut off valve
in the floor of the tank. Add a screen and cover it with gravel. The
when you need to drain it move the gravel back. Might not even have to
move the gravel. Tie that into a drain line. Great idea! Just have to
make sure the valve is not easily opened!!

>>make sure you can clean all the glass and have complete access to
the entire length. perhaps flip up access panels along the top? kinda
like kitchen cabinets.<<

Well since I want to have an open space over the tank I was thinking
about a low hood split into two peices. Well actually it would be two
4 foot hoods to make it easier to handle. Split the hoods down the
middle (long ways) and add a piano hinge. Then when you open the hood
it will lay back and rest on the top of the other half of the hood.
You have open either side and you have access from both sides. I built
one like this for my 60 and it works well.

>>the fun part will be creating the water's origin. cave spring
riffle? at the far end would be the calm poolish area. you would sure
find out what fish like where!<<

I have not given that much thought to the entrance. Was thinking of
maybe putting in a pile of rocks and gravel bottom. Using to the rocks
to hide the plumbing. Would be pretty easy to so. I have no idea how
but a fiberglass cave would be interesting too.

I was also thinking of less light on the gravel/entrance end. Lots of
lights on the planted end to acheive good plant growth.

>>like i said ive been dreaming of this for a long time... if you beat
me to it i will visit you for a looksee... i believe you are in
alabama...where again?<<

About 3 hours or less from you. Near Huntsville. Unless I cant sell
this house I will be building this. Of course if may be spring before
I get the tanks set up. It may have to set in place empty for a while.
My wife was talking about putting in a book case and adding some of
the smaller tanks! Man am I in heaven!!

Jeff <*\\><
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from him." Mark 4:24,25
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