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Re: Pond, was Re: letter

	The pond is only a pipe dream right now ... 

	Anyway, would the pond get automatically seeded with plants? The
fish and animals would come in on their own naturally. But, the plants may
need a helping hand. Perhaps, transplanting some local species from the
stream into the pond?  


 On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, Mark Binkley wrote:

> Yeah, that would be really fun.  One caution - if you do a set up like
> that, where a stream flows through or floods in, don't introduce any fish
> or other plants or animals.  These may (WILL) get lose and may reproduce in
> the stream.  This is bad news if you haven't picked up on that from the
> lists yet.
> >        Excellent article. Great work, Robert.
> >
> >        It may be hard to believe this but it has long been a dream of
> >mine to establish a small natural pond (not Goldfish or Koi!). While a
> >teenager (over 10 years ago), I had read an article in the Reader's Digest
> >about this person who dug up a small pond around a stream in his backyard.
> >This pond was made by partially damming up a small stream and creating a
> >large expanse of quiet water with the overflow continuing downstream over
> >a short waterfall. Since this pond was fed by the spring, it was not long
> >before it came 'alive'. The person had even created a small island etc.
> >
> >        Now, wouldn't it be super-cool to do something like this? Perhaps
> >one of these days when I get my own place, I'll move out of the city to
> >one of the 'burbs where there is a stream in my backyard ... (Hmmm ...
> >I'll have to worry about flooding and flood insurance, though :-)
> >
> >Sajjad
> >

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