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Pond, was Re: letter

Yeah, that would be really fun.  One caution - if you do a set up like
that, where a stream flows through or floods in, don't introduce any fish
or other plants or animals.  These may (WILL) get lose and may reproduce in
the stream.  This is bad news if you haven't picked up on that from the
lists yet.

>        Excellent article. Great work, Robert.
>        It may be hard to believe this but it has long been a dream of
>mine to establish a small natural pond (not Goldfish or Koi!). While a
>teenager (over 10 years ago), I had read an article in the Reader's Digest
>about this person who dug up a small pond around a stream in his backyard.
>This pond was made by partially damming up a small stream and creating a
>large expanse of quiet water with the overflow continuing downstream over
>a short waterfall. Since this pond was fed by the spring, it was not long
>before it came 'alive'. The person had even created a small island etc.
>        Now, wouldn't it be super-cool to do something like this? Perhaps
>one of these days when I get my own place, I'll move out of the city to
>one of the 'burbs where there is a stream in my backyard ... (Hmmm ...
>I'll have to worry about flooding and flood insurance, though :-)