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Re: NANFA-- update: freshwater puffer, Tetraodon Mbu

OK, just speculating here.  Perhaps your friend has some good sources of
info on puffers, but...I've always heard that puffers are mean fin nippers.
I remember keeping one with a cory once and the poor cory having his snout
nipped off.  Not a pretty sight.  This was probably not the species she is
looking for.  I had the little green one with dark polka dots.  Pretty
fish, but not nice.  They have little beaks kind of like a turtle.  Maybe
she can fill us in on her experiences with the puffer if she finds one.
The best fish store here in Columbus, Byerly's, carries a lot of brackish
species and gets many different puffers from time to time.  Let me know if
she can't find what she's looking for.

Mark Binkley

>Hey folks,
>        Thanks to everyone that got back to me about the freshwater puffer,
>Tetraodon Mbu, inquiry. I sent her the responses and she sent me this
>reply, thought I'd share it with ya in case she is misinformed, as I'd
>hate to see it go wrong. She keeps tankbusters and apparently plans to
>get some of the puffers in one of her established tanks.
>        If anyone can give some references or places that she can obtain these
>that she could check out for herself, I will send it on to her,
>otherwise I guess it may be a case of trial and oops! :( A sure fire way
>to learn, but maybe she won't have to go there.
>thanks for posting for me.  Surprised that they talk about them going in
>a brackish water tank, because all articles written about them say they
>are total freshwater, and should not be put in brackish set-ups.  And
>they are supposed to do well with community set-ups also, sounds like
>they are talking about a different puffer.  Yes, I've tried to find them
>in town..but our petshops just can't order them.  I will have to check
>out of town pet stores also.  But, thanks for trying Herb.

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