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update: freshwater puffer, Tetraodon Mbu

Hey folks,

	Thanks to everyone that got back to me about the freshwater puffer,
Tetraodon Mbu, inquiry. I sent her the responses and she sent me this
reply, thought I'd share it with ya in case she is misinformed, as I'd
hate to see it go wrong. She keeps tankbusters and apparently plans to
get some of the puffers in one of her established tanks.
	If anyone can give some references or places that she can obtain these
that she could check out for herself, I will send it on to her,
otherwise I guess it may be a case of trial and oops! :( A sure fire way
to learn, but maybe she won't have to go there.



thanks for posting for me.  Surprised that they talk about them going in
a brackish water tank, because all articles written about them say they
are total freshwater, and should not be put in brackish set-ups.  And
they are supposed to do well with community set-ups also, sounds like
they are talking about a different puffer.  Yes, I've tried to find them
in town..but our petshops just can't order them.  I will have to check
out of town pet stores also.  But, thanks for trying Herb.