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Follow up-- Need help/opinions

OK I need to clarify myself. I am a good little house keeper. I do
weekly to bi weekly water changes and clean the gravel. Well actually
this is a kitty litter (clay) with sand substrate tank. This tank
really does not have enough light on it so there is always a lot of
debris from the plants. BUT it is heavily planted and plants consume
ammonia very quickly. I dont have a test kit right now, my tanks have
been established so long I haven't bothered to pick one up. (bad
boy!!) Anyway there is always a debris problem in this tank but there
has been for a long time!. I run a Magnum 250 on there every so often
just to stir it up and to clean the debris out that I cant get with a
Python because of the sand. This works really well and gives the fish
some exercise with all the current it creates too! Haha

The filter is a Whisper hang on the tank. Aeration isn't a problem I
dont think. Filter was due cleaning but not stopped up.

The thing is that the Tetras that were in there were and still are
fine. I moved them to den to my 60G and they appear totally healthy.
Along with the Cory's I moved. That is what puzzles me! Only the
Killies were sick and then when I had to move the sunnies in half of
them died. Bass are fine.

 I did the large water change because I knew that something was bad
wrong and that was quickest and best thing to do at this point.

Ammonia spike? Possible but I doubt it.
Aeration? No
debris? Maybe, not sure

Jeff <*\\><
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