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Re: Dealing with the real fish? problem

I am truly sorry to have gone off last night with all the arguing.  I am not
an atheist, and when I say evolution I mean it as broad term that attempts to
explain How life developed and progressed on earth, as with all scientific
endeavors it is subject to change as new information is gathered.  I have read
Gould's work and believe that has a good grip on the problem.  I will not
reconnize creationism as a science, sorry Mr. Mccurg, Nor will I recognize
evolution as a religion.  Lets agree to disagree, and try not to offend each
other by making claims like "evolution is a farce" I have had to deal with
people that think the sun and the moon are just lights in the sky with no
material reality because that is what the bible says.  Argument about these
things is very unproductive, but I still say that an exotic fish is not
necessarily harmful, and if in indeed we as a group intend to eliminate
exotics from the South, what about all the exotics in the North?  Are we going
to eliminate carp, flathead catfish, bullheads, trout, salmon and any other
fish not native to a particular area?  It sound like a fools errand, think
about how hard it would be to eliminate a widely distributed and successful
fish with totally destroying it's environment.  I am willing to support the
catch but no release of any exotics, but to intentionally hunt them down?
I'll need to see a more detailed plan than I have seen so far to support that.