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Re: Dealing with the real fish? problem

Well, there we go!

	Guess it was a matter of time before someone realized that ALL the
"exotics" can't be eliminated once in the ecosystem of an area or
region, without near destruction of the ecosystem! But some of them can
be "removed" to serve a purpose elsewhere. That purpose may be
educational in nature directly, or serve in an indirect way to fund
programs to help people understand the problems of releasing captive
fish into the wild, intentional or not. Of course other educational
goals may also be accomplished as well, of many and various sort too
numerous to detail here.
	My opinion is that not all the releases have been bad in every way
imaginable, but some have been very harmful to the native fish and other
wildlife of some areas, regardless of who did the release or for what
purpose. Thus my support of education as a key to change in the
situation, since we are in fact dealing with human nature, not just
nature in general.
	Balanced discussion is a form of education, regardless of the original
focal point of the discussion. BALANCED is an important word here, as
things can go too far not only in discussion of topics unrelated to the
original intent, but in the way the topic is guided back to where the
majority of participants are assumed to be engaged, that is a free
exchange of pertinent information and opinions.
	Now of course we will not all agree all the time. That is the nature of
the nature of all of us that have free speech as a right. It is also one
of those rights that stop where the other's rights begin. Everyone that
has participated in this thread's various topics acknowledge this, as
far as I can tell.
	Even still, for the good order of this list, various other means are
available for any and all of the participants. I for one want to see the
thread and participants have a forum for any and all discussions that
they may want to pursue. To that end a simple forwarding list can be
setup, or the discussions can go to any number of news groups, or even a
new news group can be setup for the purpose of unmoderated discussions
of these and related topics.
	Trouble with that is, as any that have been there before can attest to,
either the "debates" will lead to hard feelings and factional
polarization of the participants, or the discussion will lose its
spotlight as the toy of the hour, or even the flavor of the month, so
all the effort to get a good thing going for free speech discussions
will fail if the participants refuse to cooperate at some level.

Just something to think about.


The statements and opinions made by Herb Harris in the
foregoing message do not represent anyone else.