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Herb Harris wrote:

> Bill,
>         Wonder if any 4H'er has ever entered an 'aquaculture' entry using
> natives in an aquarium in a 4H contest like you sometimes see at county
> fairs?

  Not yet! But I would suspect that no one has ever introduced the kids to the
natives. That is the reason we are going on a creek stomp in July. The kids
probably do not know what is in there back yards.    Just so that everybody
knows, the NFC will be sponsoring the native fish class in our upcoming show in
September. I could use an address for them to send the thank you notice. This
will be a good time for the kids to show there native fish that they will get in

    A Fish Addict,

>         Might be interesting. I have no familiarity with what is allowed by 4H
> or these county fair exhibits, but would give exposure of the keeping of
> native fish to a larger general sort of crowd, perhaps.
>         Course this may already be happening other places, but I've never seen
> it round these parts. But I'm not a fair goer usually anyway.
> Herb
> Bill Flowers wrote:
> >snip<
> >        Here is something that might get things going. The next time you go
> > collecting take the kids from the aquatic science division of the 4H
> > with you. I am taking the ones from our county (about 10) on a creek stomp
> on
> > July 11. This will introduce them to the natives and the law abiding way to
> > catch them ( no dynamite this time). :-) Some of the parents are going also.
> If
> > I happen to have a few of our application in the truck, oh well. I have also
> > talked to some of the surrounding counties and they are interested in doing
> it
> > next year.
> >
> >      Bill
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