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	Wonder if any 4H'er has ever entered an 'aquaculture' entry using
natives in an aquarium in a 4H contest like you sometimes see at county
	Might be interesting. I have no familiarity with what is allowed by 4H
or these county fair exhibits, but would give exposure of the keeping of
native fish to a larger general sort of crowd, perhaps.
	Course this may already be happening other places, but I've never seen
it round these parts. But I'm not a fair goer usually anyway.


Bill Flowers wrote:
>        Here is something that might get things going. The next time you go
> collecting take the kids from the aquatic science division of the 4H
> with you. I am taking the ones from our county (about 10) on a creek stomp on
> July 11. This will introduce them to the natives and the law abiding way to
> catch them ( no dynamite this time). :-) Some of the parents are going also. If
> I happen to have a few of our application in the truck, oh well. I have also
> talked to some of the surrounding counties and they are interested in doing it
> next year.
>      Bill

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