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Re: Feeding natives??

On Wed, 24 Jun 1998 Moontanman at AOL_COM wrote:

> Actually I did read an account recently about the introduction of gambusia, I
> think (I am not sure of this part) that the original range is central America.

No.  The species commonly referred to as gambusia or mosquitofish is Gambusia
affinis and/or G. holbrooki.  These are native to the USA, not central
America.  Other members of this genus probably occur in central America, but
these have not been moved around the world.

For a review of their introduction around the world take a look at the
following chapter from this book

Ecology and Evolution of Livebearing Fishes by Meffe and Snelson (Eds) 1989

Chapter 17, small fishes in strange places: a review of introduced poeciliids.

It's a great book that anyone with any kind of serious interest in poeciliids
should own.  It can be kinda technical at times but it is the most
comprehensive review available.

Peter Unmack