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Re: Feeding natives??

Actually I did read an account recently about the introduction of gambusia, I
think (I am not sure of this part) that the original range is central America.
As of now they are pretty much global, occurring in all tropical and many
temperate water around the world.  The only thing that really sticks with me
is that introduction started in the 1800s in areas of the world where
mosquitos are problem.  I think I saw the article in a yearly magazine called
aqua-geographic.  I wish I had paid more attention to the article, the reason
why the gambusia introduction stuck with me is that at one time I knew of a
several of small ponds that had no gambusia in the middle of must be gambusia
heaven (SENC).  Instead they were inhabited by H. formosa.  I had wondered if
the H. formosa had been introduced to new habitats that had formerly not had
any fish.  These ponds looked ancient, cypress trees, and all the other native
swamp and marsh plants, but no Gambusia!  Everywhere else you go here,
gambusia are the dominate small live bearer.