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"Patrick Draves" <Draves at worldnet_att.net>: native fish

help folks.........

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From: "Patrick Draves" <Draves at worldnet_att.net>
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Subject: native fish
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 98 22:12:49 PDT
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I read an article on the cichlid newsgroup explaining your move from
ical fish to native fish-keeping.
I commend you on your strength of character and purpose.  I live in
 and have been keeping
african and south/central american cichlids for a little over a year.  =
I have a couple of questions I'd
like to ask.  My reasoning is that recently I've been getting the urge =
to keep a couple sunfish specimens
for the purposes of breeding.  Also, I think they are beautiful. 
er just doesn't do anything for
me.  My first question, what are the laws regarding netting fish for
s?  Should I just get a regular
fishing license and let the details work themselves out?  Second, are
re any good internet resources
to which I can turn?  Third, do they accept tankmates or should I just =
keep a breeding pair alone (or
even a single specimen)?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Keep
the faith.  Pat Draves.

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