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Re: "Patrick Draves" <Draves at worldnet_att.net>: native fish

OOOOOOKKKKKKKAAAAAAAYYYYYY...below is my two cents worth.

On Thu, 18 Jun 1998, robert a rice wrote:

> help folks.........
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> From: "Patrick Draves" <Draves at worldnet_att.net>
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> Subject: native fish
> Date: Thu, 18 Jun 98 22:12:49 PDT
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> Hi,
> I read an article on the cichlid newsgroup explaining your move from
> trop=
> ical fish to native fish-keeping.
> I commend you on your strength of character and purpose.  I live in
> Tampa=
>  and have been keeping
> african and south/central american cichlids for a little over a year.  =
> I have a couple of questions I'd
> like to ask.  My reasoning is that recently I've been getting the urge =
> to keep a couple sunfish specimens
> for the purposes of breeding.  Also, I think they are beautiful. 
> Saltwat=
> er just doesn't do anything for
> me.  My first question, what are the laws regarding netting fish for
> keep=
> s?  Should I just get a regular
> fishing license and let the details work themselves out?
 NO! Check your state's laws first.  It's cheaper than paying a fine. :)

> the=
> re any good internet resources
> to which I can turn? 

The NFC web site is good.  Also try the North American Native Fishes
Association site at www.nanfa.org  it has numerous links and other info.
you can use.  Actually, both sites do...don't want to slight the NFC here.

 Third, do they accept tankmates or should I just =
> keep a breeding pair alone (or
> even a single specimen)? 

They are generally reasonable in a community setting, but remember
individual fishes temperments DO vary.  One may have the attitude of
'Daisy of Sunnybrook Farm' and the other could be 'Fishzilla'.  My
personal experience has shown that keeping a fish well fed is the key to
it's and fellow tank mates happiness.

Luke McClurg

 Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Keep
> =
> the faith.  Pat Draves.
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