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BP Document Procedures

Breeders Program Documentation Procedures Announcement:

	The Breeders Program will institute the following general Documentation

1. The use of a central collection email address for all official BP
business, except in the case of the BPExec Team, where their business
will be conducted at an email address separate from the general business
email address.
2. The use of the proper email form for all official business.
3. The use of an appropriate subject line for all general business
concerning the use of the above mentioned forms, except in the case of
assistance requests, or program inquiries.

	The need to NOT go to such a system may be convincingly made, of
course. However for the long range good of the program we need to have
procedures in place and working before the crush of larger numbers of
members is upon us. Additionally, these forms being sent to a central
collecting site will be useful in the passing of the duties associated
with fulfillment when needed, as in the instance of when the primary
person's email goes down, a call may be placed to another team member
and fulfillment can continue seamlessly. Many other functional
advantages can be accomplished through the consistent use of this
system, though I realize there will be resistance to its implementation,
as in all things new or not as convenient for those being asked to do
the changing.
	 At least it may be said that we all will be going through the changing
process together, and learning as we go, because if we are to go
anywhere at all we must do it together at some level. Let's show that
our mundane commonality can indeed be harnessed for a greater good by
contributing to the smooth acceptance of simple procedures, because
certainly we need to show we can do the average run of the mill small
things well before striking out at the larger issues in the broader
scope of an organized effort can hope to be meaningful except to
ourselves. Best to say, lets put our actions to do what we have promised
to do, and show we mean to do what we promise.
	Promises are great, but cheap compared to action, where there is cost
in time and personal resources that make the real difference eventually.
Spontaneous grassroots efforts are the meat of the conservation
solution, but these efforts can make lasting social impact if given the
direction of an organized effort of dedicated individuals working for
the common good, thereby reaching far from the initial issue at hand, as
Robert's action to document and paint in our mind's eye the last gasp of
a small seemingly insignificant ditch in somewhere Florida illustrate
eloquently. With all my heart I thank you Robert. Your words have
reached far beyond my mind and into the heart that hurts for all the
losses the small lives of myriad such places face and endure daily.
	Let me dry my eyes, and proceed to the business at hand:


	To all Breeders Program members, and anyone that may have organisms and
items to be donated to the Breeders Program, or ship for the Breeders
Program, the following Documentation Procedures will be followed until
such time as we may take this up in more detail, if needed.

1 All official business conducted by the BP will be documented by the
third party email server at the email address   
nfc_breedres_program at usa_net 
with the appropriate subject line to indicate the transaction type.
Filing of the appropriate eForm is mandatory for transaction to be
recognized officially. 
NOTE: this is not the same as the BP members list, or the BP exec list.

2 The following will be required document forms, with the appropriate
subject line to be NFC BP (  )

        1 donations - live organisms NFC BP (DLO)
        2 donations - items NFC BP (DITEM)
        3 organism request NFC BP (OR)
        4 item request NFC BP (IR)
        5 shipper report NFC BP (SR)
        6 registration of organisms NFC BP (RO)
        7 progress report NFC BP (PR)
        8 conclusion report NFC BP (CR)
        9 points placement request NFC BP (PPR)
       10 request for equipment NFC BP (RFO)
       11 grant request NFC BP (GR)
       12 other business NFC BP (OB)

	And the following, although not a new form, will need to be sent to the
same central collection address for the sake of simplicity.

	NFC Breeders Program Membership Application - NFC BP (MAPP)

        Though this is in some ways too narrowly defined, by other
this list doesn't begin to cover all possible business that may be
conducted by the BP. It is, like all things, a compromise. Too much for
some, too little for others. Point is it should get us by for now.

        These forms will be made available at web sites and also can be
requested through the BP business email server site by the use of the
the subject line Form Request (  ) with the appropriate form
abbreviation, if known, or simply describe the usage need in the body of
the message.

        I am currently working on the forms, but will be finished soon
hopefully. I will post the forms (as I have them) to anyone that
requests them, and a usage guide as well. Just send a subject line of
Form Request (ALL&Guide) or Form Request (ALL) or Form Request (Guide)
to the nfc_breeders_program at usa_net address and I will send you what I
have at the time. The usage guide is complete now.

Please direct all comments concerning the procedural aspects of this
message to nfc_breeders_program at usa_net with whatever subject line you
like, as the NFC list here may not be an appropriate forum for continued
debate on the matter.

Thanks for your time and cooperation.