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Re: H. formosa

On Wed, 17 Jun 1998, Josh Wiegert wrote:

>    A rule of thumb for all fishes, regardless of species, habitat, or
> dietary prefferences: Big Fish Eat Littel Fish.  

While generally I wholehartly agree with that statement I have to disagree
with it too for a few specific exceptions.  There appear to be a few poecilid
and goodeid fish that by and large do not consume their young under reasonable
conditions (ie adequate food resources).  How often have you seen a tank full
of mollies (with no other fish) and seen a bunch of babies in with them with
little cover? I certainly have over the years.  I suspect the H. formosa were
somewhat hungry having been in a bag for three or so days.  I'll bet if you
give them a good feed and keep them fed you will get many young in with the


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