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Re: H. formosa

   A rule of thumb for all fishes, regardless of species, habitat, or
dietary prefferences: Big Fish Eat Littel Fish.  I had a 1'+ long
Mylosseum Pacu (Very large tetra from the Amazon Basin, resembles Pirahna.
Often sold as Silver Dollar, Red Belly Pacu, etc.  However, it is also a
strict vegetarian) who lived happily for quite some tme with a school of
various rainbowfish.  Given time, however, he ate them.  There are people
who swear that Pacu's are strict vegetarians.  The truly best example of
this is the Chinee Algae Eater (Or just Algae Eater).  Everyone has had
one kill something to eat it.  And this fish has a sucer mouth.  Ok, I'm
wandering, back on topic:  Livebearers especially are notorious for this.
A delivering guppy may often be swarmed with others, attempting to eat the
fry as tehy pop out.  Your best bet is to offer as much protection as
possible, and move gravid  ("pregnant") females to spawning tanks.  They
too should be seperated from teh young until the young are big enough to
no longer act as a meal.  Breeder Tanks for
Guppies/Mollies/Swordtails/etc. are available at any pet shop for $5 or
less.  These are little tanks that can hang on the side of another.  A bit
of Java Moss inside will make it look a lot more aestetically pleasing.

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On Wed, 17 Jun 1998, Terry Mercer wrote:

> Robert,
> The H. formosa arrived about three hours ago and they are all happily (?)
> swimming around in their new home. Have already had two fry (well, not me
> personally, but you get the idea!).
> Which brings me to my question: everything I read on H. formosa indicated
> that adults eating the fry was not a problem. However, I have one very
> active little male that consumed one fry in the twinkling of an eye, and
> chased the other back into the heavy Java Moss. Do you reckon this is a
> result of the stress of shipping? Can I anticipate that he will settle down
> and become a more typical papa...or should I move him to another tank?
> Thanks again.
> Terry

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