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Re: Keep it Simple etc.

On Mon, 15 Jun 1998, Herb Harris wrote:

> Good points, Josh.
Of course they are! Don't you know I'm always right? :P

> 	To that end, lets just put it this way: anyone in need of clarification
> on these issues may email me privately, and I will send an update of
> procedure to them.
> 	For now it is obvious that the 'friendly post' method is not working,
> not only for my time involvement, but others lack of participation even
> at this simple level. To ask to be involved in the Breeders Program
> should indicate at least SOME commitment to follow through, and since
> anyone that is serious about it will do what needs to be done to protect
> themselves and the program from potential problems, simply filling out
> the correct eForm and sending it in (costs only your time, right?) to
> the right address with the right subject line doesn't seem too much. The
> alternative is using the regular snail mail, and of course the post
> office requires an address and name for delivery purposes as well, and
> it costs the members not only time, but postage too. Postage may not be
> significant, but what is is that the guy that won't send in an eForm is
> not likely to send in a paper form either, human nature being what it is
> for most of us.
> 	So, we need it simple, yet accurate and well documented. Sounds like a
> compromise is needed.
> 	I and the BPExec Team are working on it, and I will report the results
> here when we have some procedures in place.
I agree.  If you'dlike, you can send this to me as a file, and we'll make
it retreivable via a list command.  I have no idea whatsoever hwo to do
this, but I'll figure it out! :)  eForms are a lot easier.  I think that
simply documenting what has to be done may be the best idea available.  
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