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Re: proposed aquarium Suggestions and comments NEEDED badly

To put this simply, it will not work.    A general guideline for
aquariums is an inch of fish per gallon.  When dealing with agressive
fishes, sloppy fishes, and piscevores, this becomes espeically true.  The
catfish may be just fine.  However, sunfish are agressive fishes that are
extremely territorial.  They're going to beat the living daylights out of
each other if they get too close.  The larger they are, the more true this
gets.  Bass will produce huge ammounts of waste.  They'll also grow.  Bass
require lots of swimming room.  
The next issue you're liklly to hit is the problems with keeping
bass/bluegill/catfish in captivity.  Bass certainly are game fish.
Bluegill snd catfish may be, depending on species and your state.  This
gives them special protection, and makes their keeping in captivity
illegal without a permit.  You should definitely look into this.
On the upside, I commend you for having the responsibility to look into
this project before leaping in with both feet.

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On Sat, 13 Jun 1998, Carson Wilcox wrote:

> Hi
> I want to set up a tank in the fall so I am planning it now.
> Here is what I want to do:
> 40 gallon tank
> a small mouth bass probably 6" when I catch it 
> a few (2-3) sunfish probably bluegill. small (3-4") where I catch them
> a catfish starting about 5 inches
> natural gravel washed and checked for phosphates and bleeching
> some natural stones also checked and some store bought wood( too much
> hassle)
> I live in sacramento area california it gets pretty hot in the summer
> like 105 degrees.  will this cause temp problems???
> I intend to grow worms for the gills and have a tank with breeding
> feeder fish for the bass?  or is there a better way to feed the bass????
> catfish will get liver etcetera beef hearts?
> please send thoughts comments constructive criticism and past
> experiences to : carson at 2xtreme_net
> Thanks Alot!!!!