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Collecting results

Went collecting this AM with my daughter (7 year old) anyway we collected
from one of the last of the local springfed ditches. It is litteraly 5-8
inches wide with the head being  the size of a ggod sized kitchen
pot...It meanders 100 yards or so out to the sound. It contains
surprisingly enough a large amount of hetereandria it is broken up in its
flow by various entry ways to local bussiness. Each break they run the
ditch through concrete pipe.  so now the largest open area is 15 feet or
so. Well while out there they delivered drainage pipes. Enought to run
the entire spring from head to sound  in 36 inch plastic pipe....Progress
YUK    so Terry and Bill Flowers will be among the last to get fish from
this insignificant little sping..Insignificant to progress but so
nessecary to the local fish, birds and other wild


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