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proposed aquarium Suggestions and comments NEEDED badly

I want to set up a tank in the fall so I am planning it now.
Here is what I want to do:
40 gallon tank
a small mouth bass probably 6" when I catch it 
a few (2-3) sunfish probably bluegill. small (3-4") where I catch them
a catfish starting about 5 inches
natural gravel washed and checked for phosphates and bleeching
some natural stones also checked and some store bought wood( too much

I live in sacramento area california it gets pretty hot in the summer
like 105 degrees.  will this cause temp problems???
I intend to grow worms for the gills and have a tank with breeding
feeder fish for the bass?  or is there a better way to feed the bass????
catfish will get liver etcetera beef hearts?

please send thoughts comments constructive criticism and past
experiences to : carson at 2xtreme_net

Thanks Alot!!!!