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Re: Article Needed

Herb Harris wrote:
> Hi all,
>         If anyone has an "article" about the suitabilty of "wild" caught fish
> verses "store bought", I'd be happy to use this as an educational tool
> by setting up a web page for it, with a link from the auction homepage,
> much as I have done for Mark Binkley's "Non Release Information" (his
> post about why its important to not release captive fish). This may be
> another way to help overcome the "negatives" that some people have about
> wild fish stock.

The difference between these types of wild-caught fish and many of the
wild-caught types that aquarists are normally associated with is the
exotics have proven their adaptability and would normally be a hardy
species of fish.  Whereas, something like a wild caught Altum angelfish
or some wildcaught cichlid that nobody breeds due to water conditions
that are difficult to duplicate may scare an aquarist off or at least
give them a bad experience.  Most people associate wild-caught with
delicate and difficult to breed.  Now many cichlid experts desire wild
caught specimens to get high quality brood stock.  The average aquarist
doesn't have the same mentality.  If you advertised those same wild
caughts in the ACA trading posts, you would likely get more nibbles.
Unfortunatley, they trading posts only come out every other month.