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Re: June 7th Auction 1 update

Hi Michael,

	The way the lot(s) are setup, in the description of the lot, minimum
bid and the added shipping charge are stated for each lot. For example,
in the situation of the current auction, lot l (the only lot in this
auction) is described as:
June Auction 1, Lot 1 

12 wild caught Jewel Cichlids. 

These fish were taken from the wild in Florida as part of the NFC
"Exotics Removal Team"
efforts to restore the native fish. 

The removal team member that is maintaining them describes them as: 

"These are in the range of 2 1/2 to 3 inches. They are West African
Jewel fish, commonly known as jewel cichlid or Hemichromis bimaculatus.
Some show a good deal of red, especially after they become acclimated.
They are starting to pick up quite a bit of color now and eat flake food
quite readily." 

Minimum Bid: $36 for the lot. 
Add $15 for shipping. 

	So, the bid price is for the lot, and shipping is paid extra for each

	We will be selling any fish donated between now and June 14th for our
next auction. I'm waiting to hear from the ERT members on their
collective catch before I know just what we have to offer.
	I will be looking to have an auction for ERT fish, and other donated
fish, once every other week as a trial, and perhaps more or less often
as supply and demand dictate. I will also be trying different lot sizes
where the NFC member that is maintaining the fish has no objections to
donating the potential extra shipping cost for packaging and time
involved with sending out say 3 lots of 4, instead of 1 lot of 12, for

	Our "BIG BIG BIG" auction will be in August, where we will be putting
up various donated items, including some great hardware recently
donated! I will post the "donation list" from time to time, to let
everyone know the various things available as we go along, although not
all items donated will go for auctions, as some will be reserved for
"program rewards" where appropriate. I have not collated the list to
include the items of the last several days, but will do so later this
week and post it to the list. If you'd like a copy of the current list,
let me know and I can repost it.

Herb Harris

Michael Meyer wrote:
> Herb,
> I was wondering how the shipping would be figured into an auction bid?
> Or should the rules state that shipping is extra? (bid+shipping).
> BTW, what's next on the auction block?
> Michael

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