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	Just to clarify, I have no intention of discarding the eAuction. It's a
good way to get the job done. Once the word is out about it. There's the
rub. I want to add to its visibility past "word of mouth", or the hit
and miss of posting to lists and news groups. By opening the door for
"sales" members to get their contacts involved, perhaps even placing
bids on behalf of their contacts, we increase the effectiveness of our
efforts. Since they only have the altruistic incentive now, I see the
need to give them more by way of inclusion in the program rewards. 
	This is for the guys that could be "Sales Team" members, simply by
registering their contacts, then when sales are made based on those
contacts, and the contact confirms the lead, they get a reward. No big
deal, but it may be more effective as incentive than a plea to help.

	Administrators should be able to defend their programs and ideas. Yes,
give them incentives, but if they can't speak up on behalf of their
membership they aren't doing their job, and don't deserve getting the
rewards either. Not to be contentious, but to administer effectively
calls for more than being a facilitator. Lots of folks can handle a job
that's already setup and smoothed out, but with the growth we need in
the next year, plenty of bumps will be in the road. Incentives are great
so long as they are meaningful, and I for one look to results.
	If we don't get the expected results, do something different. What?
Well, lets look ahead at what is coming down the road. Lots of
collectin', lots of breeding, lots of removin'. Where's these fish
going? On the side of the ditch? We can do better than that! And I'm
confident we will. I want to open the door wider for more members to
actively participate in these programs by good, effective,
"administration". Its just that the program must be defined before it
can be "administered". That can be accoplished by a call from on high,
or in other, more mundane circumstances, planning. :)

	Since I am not Moses, that leaves us with one option. (:o))

	Obviously the numbers of fish is small right now, but it is for that
very reason that I address these issues now, not when we are in the
thick of it, with possibly contradictory policies already established
that causes hard feelings when someone's "pet" project is touched in an
unexpected way. I know all of us don't want to go there.

	I will let this go, but the simple fact is the programs must be setup.
Someone must do the job of nailing down the specifics. I have been given
at least a part of this task, which I will diligently pursue. Were it
not for that there would be no word from me about it to begin with!
	I have no real problem with setting the "program points" either for
just the production side, or for setting the "program points" to be
equal to "one fish, one point". Just this may have to change in the
future, and I want to give room for that growth in such a way that's as
painless as possible.

	For now, "one fish, one point" for fish donated, please help tell folks
about our auction, is the way it is. But we could..... :)

	Nuff said.


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