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Hello Folks,

Herb I think you are right those behind the scenes should be rewarded.
Heck I have made most of my income off of being involved in sales so you
are preaching to the choir on this one...... I sold all you folks on the
NFC :) so it works :)

I do however believe it would be a big mistake at this point to move the
auction anywhere except the email/internet medium.It is fast,effective
and free. What we can and should do Is write breif well thought out intro
paragraphs that describe why we are auctioning legalities and all...

Here is my solution. Since we really do not have much to auction at this
point and our organization is in its infancy lets relax a bit and plan on
a hardware auction in August. Our membership will be up , we will have
more volunteers and more things to auction and a broader base to auction
too. We/you should auction off these exotics when they come up as a trial
run of sorts on things. A nice way to work out the bugs ......

Those who will ultimatly run the activities/auctions etc like yourself
with the breeders program should be called Administrators and some amount
of bonus points should be given for effective administration of their
departments. In effect you will sell people on the value of the breeders
program and should handel the auctioning of any fish that come from it.
We will figure that out in the next few weks.

We should  ultimatly have a seperate administrator for the exotic removal
program and a seperate administrator for hardware auctions,aquiring and
distributions. It will take several months until we get to that point but
I am confident we will get there. My job as president is to help folks
focus and stay the course . I hope I am doing that now. I think without
administrators for each seperate activity we will overwhelm our
volunteers and risk poorly run under energized activitys. Not trying to
be wet blanket just trying to put things back in focus. So Herb stay the
course on the breeders program , it will soon have a large following and
it's own email list. The other departments will develop soon enough.

I am very excited by the fast developing plans and oppourtunities here in
the NFC. It will be a great year ahead and our native fishes will prosper
under our efforts. Thank YOU 



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