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NFC get 12 article deal in TFH

Hi all,

I just had a long conversation with TFH 's editor about the NFC, Native
Fish and various shop related things and here is the
skinny...........Editor Dave says "I really want to Use TFH as a vehical
to promote the kind of conservation activities you guys are doing" So I 
now have a deal to write 12 articles in the next year on conservation,
aquarium rearing, and species stories about NA natives with lotsa free

I need photographers willing to give TFH unlimited use of their photos(
yes I know it is not normally how it is done) but if you are an amature
hobbyist/photographer here is a good chance to get paid a bit and get a
portfolio started.......Or if you are an ole pro with some ok photos you
don't mind giving up let me know !!!!

Our First article is gonna be on the EXOTIC REMOVAL TEAMS he thought it
was the greatest idea in the world :)