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Upcoming Auction Donated Items

Hi all,

	Even as the first auction is in progress, let's be thinking ahead to
the next one! We will be including all the items listed so far (see
current list below) and any that we are notified of by the day before
the start date. The auction will starting Monday, June 15th, and ending
at 6pm Friday, June 19th.

	If you know of any items I have missed, let me know.

	Anyone doing any collecting (or whatever) of fish (or whatever) that
wants to make them available as a donated item, here's your chance! We
have the shipping setup now so all you have to do is bag and ship them
to the buyer when you get the notification, and will be reimbursed for
the shipping by NFC. :)

	List early, so I can check your state's regs on exporting for you if
you are not sure.

	Still a day left for anyone waiting to bid for the 12 Jewels at auction

or post to:
nfc_fish_eauction at usa_net
with Inquiry as the subject line for details.

Herb Harris


Donated Items List:

2 autographed copies of Tom Dicksons Fishing for Buffallo

>From Hagen Corp....

1-a360-trio 2000 internal power filter

1-a542-pro powerhead

1-a7654-AquaPlus water conditioner 8 oz

1-a7664-biocare Waste Control 8 oz

2-a2132-windmill ornament

24 renassiance air valve controlers (the kind you turn the
dial up or down for more or less air)

unused brand new light hood for a 20 gal. Low (Perfecto)

Native Fish Conservancy
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