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Re: Donated Items

I will have these on the website by Tuesday night!  Also the "friends 
of the NFC".  That windmill will fit right into my biotope aquarium, 
heh heh!

> Well folks the first of our donated Items has started to come in....heres
> a non comprehensive list...When we get a few more things we will start
> the first Auction in JUne
> 2 autographed copies of Tom Dicksons Fishing for Buffallo
> >From Hagen Corp....
> 1-a360-trio 2000 internal power filter
> 1-a542-pro powerhead
> 1-a7654-AquaPlus water conditioner 8 oz
> 1-a7664-biocare Waste Control 8 oz
> 2-a2132-windmill ornament


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