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 I bet he will remember that forever.  I caught my first fish barehanded
when I was four.  It was a spawning trout.  My mom caught me and made me
throw it back.   I have been fascinated by fish forever since then.


-> I know the 3 free memberships where won already but I have to share this
-> story anyway.
->  My 5 year old son is a fish collector!!!
-> The other day he went to a friends house, they have a small stream that
-> runs behind their property. My son had seen me carefully and slowly dip
-> for tadpoles and bugs in our nearby pond (no fish its dries up by mid
-> summer :-( ). So when my wife went to pick him up at his friends house
-> there was my son knee deep in cold Vermont stream water with blackflies
-> biting him as he moved ever so slowly to try to catch a fish. All the
-> while his friend and his older sister jumped up and down and pointed out
-> fish  locations to him. Finally everybody but my son got bored and left,
-> shortly there after my son appeared proudly carrying a Black Nosed Dace
-> in a bucket to bring home to his dad. We now have a Black Nosed Dace
-> named Gabrielle in a 5 gallon aquarium in our basement, And I'm one heck
-> of a proud father!

-> Chris Darrow and Quinn Darrow  South Newfane Vermont