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Have you considered deepengint he pond and filling it yourself?  Or taking
advantage of the depression and temporary pond (which probably is useless
as yarding to install a liner, and create a permanent one?  You could
possibly, depending on how close the stream is, divert water from it to
the pond, so long as itsa good flow, and doing so wouldn't restrict flow
to the stream.  The pond would stock itself.  THere are a couple of
options ofor turning your big puddle into a permanent pond.
J> L. Wiegert

On Wed, 3 Jun 1998, Chris Darrow wrote:

> I know the 3 free memberships where won already but I have to share this
> story anyway.
> 	My 5 year old son is a fish collector!!! 
> The other day he went to a friends house, they have a small stream that
> runs behind their property. My son had seen me carefully and slowly dip
> for tadpoles and bugs in our nearby pond (no fish its dries up by mid
> summer :-( ). So when my wife went to pick him up at his friends house
> there was my son knee deep in cold Vermont stream water with blackflies
> biting him as he moved ever so slowly to try to catch a fish. All the
> while his friend and his older sister jumped up and down and pointed out
> fish  locations to him. Finally everybody but my son got bored and left,
> shortly there after my son appeared proudly carrying a Black Nosed Dace
> in a bucket to bring home to his dad. We now have a Black Nosed Dace
> named Gabrielle in a 5 gallon aquarium in our basement, And I'm one heck
> of a proud father! 
> Chris Darrow and Quinn Darrow  South Newfane Vermont