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Hi Robert

I last collected yesterday around Spring Valley Lake, Ohio (Greene
County) and collected sticklebacks and eastern mudminnows, as well as
some sunfish young. Spring Valley is a wonderful lake just off the Little
Miami River and it is choked with more aquatic plants than I can
remember.  There are two kinds of water lillies (the cow lily and the
usual white one).  It also contains hornwort, bladderwort, foxtail,
egeria densa, lemna trisulka (the only non-floating duckweed I know of)
Wolffia and on and on.  The mudminnows can be found around swampy areas
surrounding the lake and the sticklebacks can be found in the cool spring
streams that feed the lake.  

Both of these species are a rarity in this part of the state.
I did release all of them and intend to come back later when I am better
equipped to bring a few specimen home.

-> For June the first 3 folks who contact me who have collected within the
-> past 30 days and give locations and species caught recieve a free 1 year
-> membership  ..............Enjoy :)

->  write to me robertrice at juno_com and cross post here to the list