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Re: Silversides

I seem to remember catching Menidia beryllina in Oklahoma in lakes that
had no direct access to the sea. I believe that there are populations
that do not migrate from salt water.

Phylesis at aol_com wrote:

>                                 Hey guys,
>         Did some wading this afternoon on the way home from a jobsite
> and found a
> species I've not seen before, Silversides. Probably Menidia beryllina,
> but
> didn't have my trusty Peterson guide to check further. The small lake
> they are
> in is conspicuosly without larger species, no sunnies ect.,and I
> believe it
> connects to the canal system running into the intracoastal. The only
> other
> fish present were Sailfin mollies and gambusia and ofcourse mister
> snake.
> Wonder if it could live permanately in fresh, as I have read it is a
> salt
> water fish that comes in to fresh water to spawn.
>                       All for now,
>                                                              Daryl