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Re: Fish from Arkansas

I agree with Mark Binkley.  Considering the number of interesting 
species in Arkansas, we should definitely try to work out a suitable 
arrangement.  Suggest that you write a carefully composed letter to the 
head of the AGFC and ask for a formal determination on the bluehead 
shiner issue, in light of the fact that Arkansas fish farmers ship 
fathead minnows all over the country as feeder fish, farm pond baitfish, 
etc.  State exactly what you plan to do in terms of captive breeding and 
that you will operate in strict compliance with applicable regulations, 
however, you need a formal determination as to whether captive-raised 
blueheads can be shipped out-of-state like the fatheads and other fish 
produced by Arkansas fish farmers.  If you give them a current situation 
where they allow it to occur, it becomes MUCH harder to justify denying 
you the same consideration.

BTW, I called the AGFC about a scientific collection permit.  The lady I 
talked to said that it would go out that day, and all I had to do was 
send it back for approval (implied that getting one is a straightforward 
process and seldom denied).  I plan to ask for 100 bluehead shiners to 
be collected by Herb Harris to be sent to me for the NFC Breeder's 
Program, with some to be distributed to other BP members.  Herb, I need 
your mailing address to do this. As many of you know, a Scientific 
Collection Permit is a stand-alone permit, i.e., the normal fish and 
game laws do not apply.  If approved, fish collected from the wild under 
the SCP would not be subject to the out-of-state shipment prohibition.

While we are on the subject, Herb: do you have any of the fish listed 
below available?  If so, maybe we can add them to the list of fishes 
authorized for capture and out-of-state shipment under a Scientific 
Collection Permit (if you haven't found some of them yet, we can always 
put in for another SCP next year for other species):

Blackspotted topminnow, golden topminnow, northern studfish, northern 
starhead topminnow, blackstripe topminnow, mud sunfish, dusky darter, 
blackside darter, longnose darter, channel darter, river darter, 
stargazing darter, saddleback darter, slenderhead darter, crystal 
darter, western sand darter, scaly sand darter, bluntnose darter, 
specked darter, arkansas saddled darter, greenside darter, harlequin 
darter, banded darter, swamp darter, creole darter, mud darter, 
goldstripe darter, redfin darter, orangethroat darter, cypress darter, 
slough darter. 

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>Let me just chime in on this state/federal law thing - It certainly 
>not benefit Herb or us native fish heads to antagonize the Arkansas 
>Commision by claiming that federal trade laws override their 
>Whether this is true or not, we really need to pursue a congenial
>relationship with the state agencies who are the ones with the greatest
>regulatory interest and most direct control over the disposition of the
>If we really want to pursue this, it might be best to go to the feds 
>request a general review of the situation rather than focusing 
attention on
>one state and creating bad feelings.
>Mark Binkley
>Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
>mbinkley at earthling_net
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