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Re: Fish from Arkansas

Hi all,

	First off, to all respondents to this thread, thanks for your
consideration and input.
	I must say that I certainly agree with Mark's point here. Its the sort
of thing that if you get folks stirred up over a specific point of
contention, they will just find some other way to thwart your efforts
and you have not made friends in doing so either! I think some of these
very folks might actually be on our side in the future when we look to
affect changes in the regs legislatively. It makes sense to me the most
effective lobbyist for changes in situations in the laws that are the
basis for the regulations are generally not combative toward the folks
that will eventually be looked to for recommendations for any changes
that may be made in the law. A frontal attack would eventually defeat
our long range purpose.
	Although there may indeed be a need to seek federal review of
regulations by states that prohibit interstate commerce in native fish
in some manner, or other potential candidate organisms for domestic
breeding programs that are currently considered "wildlife", going at it
in a piecemeal, case by case fashion will only alarm state officials
that want to protect their "turf". Seems to me taking at least an
"industry" wide perspective for federal review is the way to go. For
instance in this case there may be need for someone representing the
"aquaculture" industry to make inquiries. In my round about, simple
fashion, this was what I hoped to point things toward in my original
post to Larry about the lack of coordination between federal programs
and the state agencies that will make the local determination of
	Exactly which federal agency should be contacted for such review is a
question, but I don't think the FTC deals with state's rights issues.
Perhaps USDA may be more prone to review the situation and give
recommendations, since there is the potential to limit their area of
concern by stopping growth into new market possibilities in aquaculture
if the resident of one state cannot obtain a particular species from
another state for suitability trials without a great deal of fuss and
	I see room here for research and getting the facts straight before
rushing into action. I have learned the hard way that what seems common
sense to me on one side of the fence is neither common nor sensible on
the other once the barriers are removed. Eventually the very folks we
contend with today may be our greatest ally in a future struggle, if
they are given the chance.
	Just my buck two ninety eight, with change.


PS. This specific situation may be resolved in our favor shortly, so I'm
just going to give things a chance to settle for my part for now. Thanks
to all for your help and encouragement!

Mark Binkley wrote:
> If we really want to pursue this, it might be best to go to the feds and
> request a general review of the situation rather than focusing attention on
> one state and creating bad feelings.

LawrenceT5 at aol_com wrote:
> I guess my basic contention is that an individual state does not have the
> right to forbid exportation to another state of products which are legal to
> sell within that state.  I may try to get ahold of an FTC rep and see what he
> says.
> <<** Larry **>>