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Phylesis wrote:
>          sorry, hit the wrong button, hate when that happens.   :)
> anyway, as I was saying Plecos. I have 6 at 3/4 " . At least I think thier
> Plecos, hard to tell at this size. Also, I collected some small sunny like
> fish with very dark bodies covered in green irridescent spots. Could an
> imature form of the cichlid, but I don't know. Well thats all for now, if
> these messages are too long tell me and I'll keep it shorter,  or try anyway.
> :)
>                                                                                         Daryl

Hey Daryl
If you are willing to ship some of these plecos and/or cichlids, I would
be very interested.  I would pay you for shipping and handling expenses.
I keep about 6 species/populations of Thorichthys sp. (Firemouths).  I
also keep some other central American species.  My passion lies in
Thorichthys and plecos.  It would be very fun to see them and ID them. 
I have had very good success sending fish via Priority Mail (Post
Office).  Email me back if this is of interest to you.