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Fred Hamilton <fredhamilton at fuse_net>: Re: NA NATIVES

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Subject: Re: NA NATIVES
Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 03:54:36 -0700
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> Any folks out there interested in NA natives ?

I'm interested in natives - have been for years, though limited to
Centrarchids.  I thought I'd take the opportunity to at least thank you
for the wonderful article on longears which you prepared some time ago. 
Your photographic skills are excellent -- I have a penchant for
collecting information on that species, and yours are by far the best
pictures in existence on Lepomis megalotis.  Keep up the good work!

BTW, the only population of longears in my area (Cincinnati, Ohio)
exists in a wide, slow-moving unnamed creek in the vicinty of Moscow,
Ohio.  As luck would have it, the principal spawning beds for the
longears are located between a farm where the owners raise birds for
(illegal) cockfighting (south shore) and a marijuana field (north
shore).  Before I even realized my danger, I found my tires slashed
while parked on a collecting trip.  In retrospect, I was fortunate not
to have suffered more damage!

Despite the wide distribution of longeared sunfish, they are certainly
not easy to locate (I've been collecting within a 30 mile radius of
Cincinnati for about fifteen years, and this location is the *only* spot
in which I've ever seen L. megalotis).  On the other hand, we have a
fiar supply of orangespotted sunfish, pumpkinseeds, and colorful green
sunfish here.

So, I am reduced to my current group of three hybrid
pumpkinseed/longears (infertile) collected near Columbus, Ohio. If you
are aware of any safe collecting spots in my area, I'd be grateful for
the information...


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