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I just bought two Flagfish at the Petsmart in Rockville, MD, in White Flint
Plaza, just behind White Flint Mall.  I'm acclimating them now, and will
quarantine them in an old cooler for a week.  Only 1.49 apiece.  I bought
females, as I'm a little low on those.

I'd be careful of them in a planted tank, though.  They scarfed down my
hygro in a hurry.  But they don't seem to like Java moss.

Anyone know what other kinds of plants they won't eat?

Bob Bock
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> Subject: Re: NANFA-- Re: Flagfish
> Date: Tuesday, May 19, 1998 8:48 AM
> Jordanella floridae have also been getting very good press on the
> Aquatics Plant Digest mailing list. Plant growers are always looking
> for the perfect algae eater and American Flagfish is the latest hot
> fish for this. It worked on me. The six I ordered are hopefully
> arriving at my LFS today. :-)
> Hope you have a very nice day, :-)
> Tim Ayers                                        tayers at bridge_com
> St. Paul, Minnesota
> Bridge, Inc.                                        www.bridge.com
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