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Re: BOUNCE nanf at actwin_com: Non-member submission from [Micha

> >  There are certainly more people on this list than I ever would have  thought.
> > So how come we only had 6 chatters last week?  Huh?  ANSWER  ME!  >>
> > 
> If it was a little later in the evening, I would have a better chance of
> catching the chat.  At 7:00 on Sunday, I am still working in the yard,
> having dinner, etc.  At 8:00 the x-files are on and I usually eat dinner
> while I watch that or try to get dinner in just ahead.  I'd vote for a
> 9:00 start, myself--but then I am only thinking of myself!  What does
> everyone else think?
> Michael

You X-files guys!  If it's not that it's The Simpson's :-P  I picked 
7:00 because then it's 8:00 on the east coast, but really I just 
wanted to find a time that was good for everyone.  I moved it from 
Saturday so Luke could be included, so we can go later if we need to. 
 The room is always open so nobody needs my participation, really.



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