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Re: NFC chat

Re: Jay DeLong's comments.
     I've been going to online chats, including the organized sort *such
as this) for years.  Save for times when people have forgetten, these have
always been logged.  In the past, no one has minded their being logged.
It proves a means for those who wanted to be there and couldn't to have
the chance to find out what happened and such.  This is especially
important in chats in which there is a first "formal" section where one
person does all the talking, giving a speech or such.  (Which is always
followed by an informal (though sometimes formal) Q&A.)  
    No one has ever complained about the logs in the past.  Many of them
are even posted online.  These messages are kept logged, and I don't
believe that changes what anyone says.... 
J. L. Wiegert

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