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Re: NFC chat

Ah, we seem to have reached an error of communication.  In a free for all
type chat, I understand how a log would be futile, though in one with a
bit more structure, it is often important to get them.  Perhaps the NFC
chats should consider a bit of change in format to one with some more
j. L. 

On Sat, 2 May 1998, Jay DeLong wrote:

> >     No one has ever complained about the logs in the past.  Many of them
> > are even posted online.  These messages are kept logged, and I don't
> > believe that changes what anyone says.... 
> > ><>
> > J. L. Wiegert
> OK.  Thanks, Josh.  The last one I was in was a confusing exchange if 
> ideas (I almost got got a headache!).  I think the kind you mentioned 
> like having an opening statement followed by a Q&A period is the 
> best.  Thanks again for your response.
> Jay DeLong

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