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Re: NFC chat

Regarding the live chat:
> If someone is able to log it, feel free to send a crude one here, I'll
> format/edit it as needed.  If they want to just spread it as is (which is
> typially whats done anyhow) just send it through the list.  

Can you consider not doing this?  I really believe a lot of people 
will feel more comfortable with participating if they know their 
comments will be kept between the participants.  It's a respectful 
thing to do.

These free-form discussions always don't allow people to gather their 
thoughts too well.  You have to answer quite rapidly, especially if 
there are a lot of people participating.  There's also lag time 
between reading, responding, and reading subsequent responses.  So 
sometimes when a person sends a response there have been several 
other responses in the interim, and these other responses are 
sometimes made to completely different discussions.  It can be 

Also, the view screen is a bit small and you can't easily see many 
previous comments.  The program is freeware and has advertising 
constantly popping up and it's distracting, too.  A person could 
probably get used to that after awhile, though.


Jay DeLong

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