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Sales of native fishes for ornamental purposes...........


I had hoped my little blurb would not only give me some customer feedback
but initiate a discussion on the merits of selling fish as ornamentals.
It appears to have. For the public at large they are motiviated by
emotional responses. They will have no emotional responses to a fish they
do not know so any kind of exposure for most none game fishies is good
exposure but i am sure we would all like to hear from both sides of the
fence on this important issue. Yes of course native fish have been sold
for years as sport/bait species and those species have benifited with
financial resources heading their way. The little guys have suffered in
anonimity. ANyhow a friendly discussion I believe would benifit us all on
this topic.

Robert Rice

" The Quality of a life is not measured in days it is measured in legacy

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