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Re: fish

Hi Ken,

Unfortunately, but my knowledge of golden trout is very limited.  My
knowledge of laws pertaining to keeping and interstate transport of them
is (sadly) even more limited.  However, I believe I can point you in the
right direction.  The North American Native Fishes Association (NANFA)
is a group of good people who, like you and I, share a love for our
native fishes.  I am forwarding this message to the NANFA email
discussion list and to David Hall, the California Representative for
NANFA.  Hopefully someone can help answer your questions.  I would also
suggest you visit and bookmark their web site:  www.nanfa.org

Kenneth W Hanzlik wrote:
>         dear Chris
>  My name is Ken Hanzlik and i am from Pennsylvania.I saw your letter in
> the geocites forum and thought it is interesting what you are into. I am
> also in a similar position but you may be able to help me. i have
> absolutely fell in love with the golden trout of Cal.. I am trying to
> find information about them and the legality of owning a pair of them. If
> there is anyway you could find info for me i would appreciate it very
> much.
>         I have a 220 gal aquarium and am trying to raise trout and
> a few other species in it. as you can probably tell i would really like
> to add the golden to my collection if possible.
>         I noticed you are originally from Md.. If you are ever going back
> there and somehow are able to get me 2 goldens i would gladly meet you
> somewhere to retrieve them. e-mail me back with response at
> khanzlik at juno_com
>                                         Thanks for all
>                                                Ken 

Christian C. Burke

web page: <http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/2640/>
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