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Re: Question about how fish are cought or bought?

> > I need to find out if there is any type of commercial trade for
> > fishes found off any of the coast of the United States.
> You'll need to be more specific.  There is already an extensive bait
> business and sport fishing business. Do you mean an ornamental 
> trade in native fishes ?

The term "commercial" makes me immediately think of food fishes such as
tuna, cod, flounder, salmon, anchovy, herring, mackerel, etc..  What are
we talking about?

> > I am trying to compile this information so we can see if there
> > is any impact on those fishes in the enviroment.

If we are talking about true commercial (food) harvesting, then I would
expect significant impact.  I would think sport fishing would be less
significant, and the impact of ornamental fishkeeeping would be
negligable in comparison to both.


Christian C. Burke

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