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NANFA Trading Post - March, 1998 Edition

North American Native Fishes Association (NANFA)
Trading Post - March, 1998 Edition
Readers are encouraged to distribute this listing  to other
electronic forums, fish clubs, individuals and others who have an
interest in North American native fishes. Member advertisements
should be forwarded to the Trading Post Editor, Dwight D. Moody.
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Regional representatives which have ads in the 
Trading Post have their name in capital letters followed by a 
listing  of their region.  The Regional Representative activities 
area  at the NANFA web site (http://www.nanfa.org) has additonal 
information posted by the regional representatives. 
NOTE: NANFA assumes that all sales or trades of native fish are done 
in full compliance with applicable state and federal laws, rules and 
regulations and only after obtaining any necessary permits for 
collecting, maintaining, importing or exporting of native fish. 
Obtaining the necessary permits from the US Fish and Wildlife 
Service  and/or applicable State agencies is the sole responsibility 
of the parties involved in the transaction.  NANFA does not condone 
or tolerate illegal practices and encourages members to contact the 
office of their state's fish and wildlife department or regional 
office of the US Fish and Wildlife Service to obtain information and 
applications for any necessary permits. 
  No commercial advertising for this edition.
PLEASE NOTE: the ads in the Announcements, Information 
Requests or Requests for Assistance and Member Sales/Trades have a 
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posted.  Remember that you have to contact the Trading Post Editor 
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MARCH 31, 1998.  Check your ad! 
NANFA's national convention will be held in Chattanooga, TN during 
June 5-7, 1998.  Tennessee has over 300 species of fish, the 
most biodiverse area in the US.  Chattanooga also features the 
Tennessee Aquarium, the largest freshwater aquarium in the US, 
along with a variety of historical and cultural sites.  More 
information will be posted in later editions of the Trading Post and 
will also be available on the NANFA discussion list. (01/98)


Ray Ravary, 1940 Whittier, Ypsilanti, MI, 48197-1729.
Telephone #: (734) 483-2360. Email: rravary at provide_net.
I am a past member of NANFA. I had to suspend my membership due to 
finances(a bloody divorce and three youngsters I want to do right by). A 
year ago I bought some Green Goodieds (Xenoophorus captivus), and have 
had some sucess in breeding them. These fish are supposedly extinct in 
the wild, and species maintanence is very important. I would like to see 
if you would allow me to run an ad so we can spread this species about 
the country, minimizing the chance of its disappearance. The fish was 
collected in Mexico by Professor Miller of the University of Michigan 
(yes that Dr. Miller) in the 1960's. It is found in the Detroit area due 
to the efforts of Jim Langhammer and the Belle Isle Aquarium.  While it 
isn't rampant in the Detroit area, it pops up now and then at a club 
auction. I would be glad to trade for other fish or to donate to any 
scientific or educational institution for shipping expenses. (03/98)

 NOTE: members who fail to reciprocate in trading will have their ads
 removed from the Trading Post and may be subject to other sanctions.

Jeff Fullerton R.D.2 Box 390 Mt. Pleasant, PA 15666
Phone #: 412-887-8688.  Email: tcmajorr at westol_com
HAS: Pond bred Blackbanded & Bluespotted Sunfish , 
Eastern Mudminnow (very  prolific), Mosquitofish. Possibly avalible 
in the near future: Dollar Sunfish & Eastern Starhead Topminnow 
(Fundulus escambiae). ALSO HAS: a  variety of pond & aquarium 
plants.  WANTS : Bantam Sunfish ( Lepomis symmetricus) , Slough 
Darter  (Etheostoma gracile), Lake Chubsucker (Erimyzon sucetta) , 
Ironcolor  Shiner - (Notropis chalybaeus) & Olympic Mudminnow 
(Novumbra  hubbsi). Prefer stock from northern part of range. (12/97)
RAY WOLFF,  6510 Helke Rd. Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
(Wisconsin Regional Representative). Phone # (715) 424-0259.
ANNOUNCEMENT:  Southern Wisconsin members interested in 
collecting, meeting or starting a regional newsletter please contact 
me.  HAS: Fundulus lucia, Elassoma everladei pensacola, Iowa Darter, 
Brook Stickleback, Central Mudminnow, Tadpole Madtom and other 
midwest and southeast fish.  ALSO HAS: Information or help with 
sunfish, Elassoma, or Fundulus problems, setups, whatever. WANTS: 
Elassomas, with location; any killifish, native or not; Fundulus 
pulverus; plants (at least somewhat aquatic); and 
freshwater invertebrates.  All requests answered.  (01/98)

Phillip E. Russell, RWMC, 201 South Palm Dr., Blythe, CA 92225
(daytime work address), E-mail: russel7 at gte_net
Phone # home - (760) 921-3734, work - (760) 922-2541.
WANTS TO BUY: Heterandria formosa, Ellasoma evergladii, and 
Leptolucania omata. (01/98)

John Laurent, P.O. Box 1018, Bartow, FL 33831
WANTS: I am interested in buying and information on the following 
species: Blue nose shiners, red shiners, pygmy sunfish,  flagfin & 
sailfin shiners, blue spotted sunfish, orange spotted sunfish, and 
rainbow darters. (2/98)

Peter Rollo, 2308 Cedar Lane, Secane, PA  19018
Phone# (610) 543-1660.  Email: prollo at juno_com
Has for sale or trade: Domestic raised Banded and Blackbanded Sunfish,
Swamp Darters and Elassoma evergladei.  Also have or expect to have the 
following  African and South American killies available:  Aphyosemion 
scheeli  &  Fundulopanchax  gardneri loc. N'Sukka.  Expect to have 
Cynolebias whitei, Cynolebias magnificus, Cynolebias boitonei and 
Nothobranchius palmqvisti later this summer as long as I get good 
hatches this month.  WANTS: Wild caught H. formosa, E. evergladei, L. 
goodei. (03/98)

DWIGHT D. MOODY (New England and New York regional representative)
P.O. Box 214, East Montpelier, VT  05651
Phone #: home - (802)476-0685; work (802)241-3482.
Email address: dwightmoody at hotmail_com
HAS:Hetandria formosa. ALSO HAS OR CAN GET:  a wide variety of
Vermont species between mid-April and the end of November, including 
Fundulus diaphanus, fantail darters, northern redbelly dace, slimy 
sculpins, trout-perch, burbot, various minnows, catfish, shiners, etc. 
Collecting season is fast approaching, so call me if you want me to look 
for something native to my area.
WANTS: southern livebearers and killifish.  Especially interested in 
various Gambusia and molly species, including the Amazon molly. Please 
call or email to make trading arrangements !!!!!.
All ads will run for 3 months unless otherwise requested.   If you'd 
like to add a new ad or change your existing ad on this list please 
contact Dwight D. Moody, Trading Post Editor.
Email address:  dwightmoody at hotmail_com.
Regular mail address: P.O. Box 214, East Montpelier VT  05651. 
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