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Fishes 4 sale or trade

Hello All,

Things are going well in the breeding end of things but the collecting
end remains hampered do to the wet weather. He is my for sale list all
fishes are 3 bucks per with a 15 fish minimum (ie I dont want to ship a
box with 2 fish in it) Postage charge is 12 bucks includes the box and
priority mail. I have a bait dealers license in Florida so all things
will be legal from my end. Haves in good supply: Flagfin shiner, sailfin
shiner, f. Crysotus, gambusa affinus, heterdria formosa,..........Haves
in limited supply first come first serve (all checks will be held until
your fish are shipped ) Redfin Pickerel, Blackbanded Sunfish, Blackbanded
darters, e. evergladi, e. zonatum, l. Ommata, Dollar Sunfish , bluegill
YOY, Florida Flagfish........Please observe all federal and state laws
when making trades and never release aquatic organisms back into the wild
!!! Check with me for possible trades 

Robert Rice

" The Quality of a life is not measured in days it is measured in legacy

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