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Re: killie

Re: NANF in Mexico.
  North American Native Fishes are usually regarded at their elementary
level as coldwater fishes in North Ameria naturally.  Mexico, although in
North America, is not cold water.  The border simply provides a convienent
place to draw the line for 'tropical fish' and 'coldwater fish'.  If not,
then questions about commmon pet shop fishes, such as Cichlids,
livebearers, and some tetras would show up on the lists and such.  So
although technical a mexican fish is a north american fish, its not
regarded as NANF> Obviously, there are some exceptions, and judgement
prevails.  For isntance, many Herichthys sp. live in Texas, which is not
part of Mexico :-).  Discussion of them would probably not be allowed on a
lot of lists.  So what it comes down to is a judgement call.  Basically,
I've made a rule for this that I always keep in mind.  If its something
you canf ind it regularly in a pet ship, its not NANF.  
J. L. Wiegert
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